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North Country Regional Economic Development Council 2014 Workforce Survey

In June of 2012, the NCREDC charged the Workforce Development Committee (WDC) with ascertaining the current and future workforce needs of the advanced manufacturing sector related to regional priorities, including transportation and clean energy industries. The WDC members undertook this charge with diligence and expanded it to include the identification of corresponding training opportunities within the region.

This study includes two phases:
Phase One: Determine Current Status and Future Workforce Needs
Phase Two: Identify Training Providers, Opportunities and Gaps

Key findings of the survey include:

  • Review of the 5 Year Needs data shows that positions will remain stable with no significant increases or decreases in any category projected.
  • The most utilized formats for skills training:
  • In-house or OJT – 93.0%
    Seminars – 79.1%
    Private vendors – 62.8%

  • 95.3% of respondents stated that occupational/skills development would be “very valuable” or “valuable” in improving their workforce.
  • Soft skills and communication skills were rated as “very valuable” or “valuable” by 81.4% and 90.7% of respondents, respectively.
  • The WDC also developed a Resource Guide where they researched and organized workforce training/educational opportunities with the goal of creating a user-friendly tool for high school students and job seekers of all ages. The WDC identified a list of educational institutions in the North Country. Then the Committee researched the certificate and/or degree programs offered by each and cross-referenced them with the positions listed in the Employer Survey. The results are organized in grid format for ease of use. Additional information regarding job descriptions, hiring prospects and salary ranges were included to make the document more comprehensive and useful.

    The full report includes the following components:
    Table of Contents
    Executive Summary
    Observations, Strategies and Challenges
    Workforce Survey Results
    Participating Employers
    Job Categories with O*Net Codes, Degree Requirements and Local Educational Opportunities
    Job Categories in Detail
    Educational Provider Summary
    Registered Apprenticeship Programs
    North Country In-Demand List


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