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NCREDC Upstate Revitalization Initiative Plan Submitted

The North Country Regional Economic Development Council (NCREDC) announced its Upstate Revitalization Initiative (URI) plan was submitted to meet the October 5 deadline. The URI submission, entitled “IGNITE,” represents an opportunity to ignite an economic revolution across the North Country region.

The URI Plan is available on the North Country Regional Council’s website at

The Round V progress report, submitted on September 21 for Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council Initiative, is also available online. The NCREDC’s URI plan builds on the economic growth demonstrated through the regional council initiative over the last four years, aimed at taking the North Country to the next level to continue strengthening and diversifying the region’s economy.

The NCREDC focused on three themes for the URI Plan that best reflect the region’s economy and growing industry sectors:

  1. Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation
    • Transportation Equipment
    • Immunoengineering
    • Additive Materials
  2. Agriculture and Clean Energy
  3. Tourism and Community Centers

The North Country’s URI submission includes 34 first year projects committed to creating a total of 2,344 jobs across the seven-county region. The first year of investment calls for $126.7 million of the total $500 million funding.

“We focused on the right sectors of opportunity four years ago, we have built a solid foundation, and now we are ready to transform not only the North Country economy, but key global sectors such as aerospace and bioengineering, igniting an economic revolution,” said Garry Douglas, president of the North Country Chamber of Commerce and co-chair of the North Country Regional Economic Development Council. “Once again, the North Country, through massive engagement and volunteer commitment, is stepping up to opportunity provided to us by Governor Cuomo and the state and is fully ready to do great things.”

“The North Country truly is one of the special places on the planet to live, work, study and visit,” said Tony Collins, president of Clarkson University and co-chair of the North Country Regional Economic Development Council. “At every stage in developing the URI Plan, our volunteers, elected officials, government agency staff, private businesses, educators, military representatives and the general public came together to study the challenges, debate ideas and take bold steps to ignite our economic future. This plan represents exciting opportunities for the people who call our region home and for all New Yorkers and other visitors who value the world-class recreation and the natural environment we steward for the world to enjoy.”

The following is a list of all 34 year-one projects submitted by the NCREDC that support the diverse economic sectors found throughout the North Country region:

Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Projects:

  • Laurentian Aerospace – Laurentian Aerospace Inc.
  • North American Center of Excellence in Transportation Equipment – North Country Chamber of Commerce
  • International Business Plan Competition – Clarkson University
  • Private Label and Export Development – Belcam, Inc.
  • Mining Materials at Benson Mines – CM&M Industries
  • Kiln Replacement – Hoosier Magnetics
  • New Building D – Watertown ICLDC
  • Manufacturing Expansion for Next Generation Electric Motors – LC Drives
  • AIMA Biotech – Purinepharma, LLC
  • Production Capacity Expansion Project – Stature Electric, Inc.
  • Center for Immunoengineering and Infectious Diseases (CIID) – Trudeau Institute
  • Institute for Additive Manufacturing Materials Application (IAMMA) – St. Lawrence County IDA
  • Product Development Innovation Centers (PIDCs) – CITEC

Agriculture and Clean Energy Projects:

  • North Country Robotic Greenhouses – Agbotic, Inc.
  • Hydroponic Greenhouse Project – Confluent Energies, Inc.
  • New Manufacturing Sawmill – Seaway Timber Harvesting, Inc.
  • Malone Greenhouse (Valco Building) – Citizen Advocates, Inc.
  • Brewery Expansion – Ausable Brewing Company
  • Tree Water Bottling Project – Tree H20, LLC
  • Large-Scale Maple & Birch Sap/Syrup Operation – Adirondack Management, LLC

Tourism and Community Centers Projects:

  • Sustainable Olympic Venues Global Center of Sports Excellence & Winter Games Bid – Adirondack/1000 Island Sports & Events Commission
  • Critical Needs for Future Winter Olympics – Olympic Regional Development Authority
  • Transformational Tourism Loan Fund – Development Authority of The North Country
  • Community Center Transformation Fund – Development Authority of The North Country
  • Olympic Medical Fitness Center – Adirondack Health
  • Schroon Lake Hospitality Project – Schroon Lake Revitalization Group, LLC
  • Lake Pleasant Lodge Expansion – Speculator Development
  • Regional Arts & Interactive Learning (RAIL) Project – Omni Housing Development, LLC
  • New Theater Development – Seagle Music Colony
  • Building the Adirondack. Region’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem – Point Positive
  • ACTLS Trails and Lodging – Hamilton County
  • ACR Transformation Water Project – Village of Tupper Lake
  • Ogdensburg International Airport Terminal Expansion – OBPA
  • NC Redevelopment Fund Phase ll – Development Authority of The North Country

In January of this year, Governor Cuomo announced the Upstate Revitalization Initiative (URI) and the partnership between the Regional Economic Development Councils (REDC) to invest $1.5 billion in Upstate New York. The URI is an opportunity for communities to address the economic challenges of their regions and work together in bringing jobs back Upstate. The URI is a separate competition and deadline from the CFA and includes up to $500 million for three REDCs to implement over a five-year period. The following regions may submit one revitalization plan: Capital Region, Central New York, Finger Lakes, Mid-Hudson, Mohawk Valley, North Country, and Southern Tier.


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